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It is time to walk our talk.

In December 2017, Scott and I realized that it was now or never.

From the time the kids were little, we knew we wanted to do some *real* traveling - to expose them (and ourselves) to the world beyond our small community. Honestly, I (Patti) have had this dream since before the kids even existed, and now that I think about it, before Scott was even around. I spent months in Spain and Taiwan when I was a teenager and in my early 20s, and I thought it gave me an invaluable perspective that can't be taught in books. I knew that someday I wanted that for my own kids. I consciously chose my profession for that reason. And Scott and I consciously built Catching Clouds to be a remote business with that in mind. We are always learning, and there's no better way to do that than to be exposed to other people in other cultures.

So with one child heading off to college and another one entering high school, and with Catching Clouds leveling up as a stable, healthy business, we knew it was time to push ALL of us out of the nest.

A trip of a lifetime.

For those of you who are new here, here is the plan: we're leaving Colorado on December 16, 2018 and will spend three+ months in New Zealand, one month in Australia, and then we'll be taking a 16-day cruise back from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii (with a few days in Tahiti, French Polynesia (Bora Bora), and Maui in between). We'll be back home in Colorado on May 5, 2019. 

Our intention is to spend the first month completely unplugged from the business. This will be a test for Catching Clouds and will help us see where any gaps still exist. It will also give us a chance to connect more fully with ourselves and with each other. (Patrick returns to college at Colorado School of Mines after just three weeks, so the bulk of this trip will be Scott, Samantha, and me.)

The remaining time will be spent with as many people in the industry as possible... we'll be visiting Xero, Hubdoc, A2X, Cin7, and others, and we'll be speaking at the Accounting Business Expo in Sydney (20 - 21, March 2019) and Heather Smith's Meetup in Brisbane (27 March 2019). If you're in the area, please reach out - we'd love to meet you!

The blog.

We know how lucky we are, and we didn't want to annoy people with constant flashes of our amazing journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram (although I suspect we'll have a few posts of our travels there as well). We're not looking to make anyone jealous, and we certainly don't want to feel guilty about this amazing adventure for which we've worked our whole lives. We also have lots of family and friends who want to see the progression of our journey. So here it is.

Samantha is already a badass gifted writer, so she is spearheading this project, and I will pop in from time to time with my own thoughts, impressions, and the occasional YouTube video.  Please remember that Samantha is 14, so be kind to her, and if you're posting comments, please make them positive. We ain't got time for trolls. Just Hobbits.

So with all that, thank you for taking the time to share our journey with us, and we hope you find it interesting... and possibly even inspirational.

With Love,

Patti, Scott, Patrick, and Samantha

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