Seats in Upright Positions

On Our Way

So… I have finally learned what it means to be jet lagged. Our first flight was a normal three hour long plane ride to LAX, which I pretty much slept through. Which was great and all but when I woke up I was pretty much on top of the girl next to me, who I unknowingly started using as a pillow sometime during my nap. Oops. Then it was standard procedure getting of the plane and yada yada yada.

Another thing I found out and experienced for the first time is how large the LAX Airport truly is. As it turns out the international terminal is very, very far away. And I’m talking at least a thirty minute walk from our starting gate to the international terminal and that’s after I took out the hobbling and the slowing down as we adjusted out bags. Which weren’t all that heavy, but in the true school backpack fashion got heavier the longer you held them.

After that was a long several hour wait in a freezing airport. Mostly it was freezing because I dressed for the end destination (summer) and not for the travel.

Eventually it came close enough to boarding time that I walked my frozen butt ten minutes over to our gate. Which didn’t have our plane parked outside of it but a bus which they packed to maximum capacity plus a few more till no matter how small you were or where you were standing you were pressed against at least three other people. Then we rode like that for several minutes to our plane.


You see, the original excitement of being on a plane that big dose eventually wear off. And it left me tired, freezing, and bored:

Tired→  Because the seats only have two positions. 90 degrees and 105 degrees→ These don’t offer great sleep opportunities. Even for someone like me who can literally sleep anywhere.

Freezing→ I was wearing summer clothing and not clothing fit for an overly air conditioned plane.

Air New Zealand

Bored→ Because I used my phone as my sole entertainment device. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the books I downloaded and read on the plane but sometimes you need the mind numbing nonsense of today's television to make you feel better than you actually do to your sleep depriving sitting position. The worst part is I only realized that the plane had some really good movies that you could watch for free until I barely had enough time to watch just one.