I Will Run You Over

Our stay for Christmas was in Lake Taupo, and by in the lake, I mean next to it, not physically underwater. That would be bad, and I would be dead and not writing this. Well, unless it was one of those Star Wars-ish places that have those domes over the city so everyone can breathe oxygen inside of the bubble. That got super off topic for a minute there.

Anyway, next to having an indoor relaxing Christmas, the highlight had to be the next day when Patrick, my dad, and I went on a ride on quad bikes, which in terms that are understandable, was basically just all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).


This was just super cool in general, and the path they took us on was just beautiful. And me being not quite so reckless meant I didn’t nearly ride as much as Patrick and Dad, but I did get to talk about books with our guides. That was just as awesome because 1) I love books and 2) our guides were funny and just great people all around.

It would have been perfect if not for my dad who (near the end) stopped so he could take video and pictures of me on the quad bike. I totally get that, but he did it a total of seven times. By the third time, I was getting annoyed because he didn’t need that many pictures and because every time he stopped, I had to stop as well because he needed time to put away his phone and start riding again.

By the fifth time, I had to hold myself back from slamming the gas and running my dad over.

2018-12-26 11.20.54


Anyway, he survived unscathed. His reason for hanging back a lot of the times was actually because Patrick was going too slow for him so he stopped till he saw me so that he could drive really fast till he got to Patrick when he would stop and repeat the process. I didn’t really care what his excuse was, and it still makes me annoyed, but I thought I should write it down anyway.