All That Is Good and Delicious

The things I now know about food in New Zealand in a condensed version:

  1. They have perfected every kind of french fry. This includes→ The tiny crispy ones, big blocked ones, the normal sized french fry, steak fries, etc. All of them taste great and are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  2. Cafes are wonderful (at least here in New Zealand they are)→ The Quail Cafe especially. I got double baked french toast which looked beautiful and tasted delicious, the only downside was that I was so into eating it I only got a picture of my food and no one else's before we all inhaled it. 20181223_114446-1-1(Editor's Note: The Quail Cafe was really a surprise. We discovered it in Whangarei (pronounced Fang-a-rey... "Wh" in New Zealand is pronounced as an "F") on our drive down from Bland Bay to Waitomo. We randomly picked a cafe along our route, followed Google Maps & landed at what looked like an empty lot. We scratched our heads but then decided to drive just a bit further and discovered a small, hidden rainforest garden. It was truly stunning. And the food at the cafe was icing on the cake. It was a highlight of the long drive, for sure.)
Of course this doesn’t include all the other cafes we went to (I begged to go to one pretty much every time we stopped for food). So my “all cafes are wonderful” statement is rather well backed up. And of course, I realize in reality we will end up going to a few not so good ones (doubt it, but it could happen), but still I have done my research enough to say that the cafes here are most definitely the best.

Another cool random thing→ We have been in New Zealand nine days and have only just come across ONE Starbucks (insert shocked gasp here). They are on every corner in the US.

Rotorua Banner

Last night was our first night in Rotorua (Editor's Note: we've been a bit too busy relaxing and enjoying the holidays and have largely skipped over the past week and a half, but don't worry, we'll circle back around to talk about our time in Russell/Paihia, the glowworm caves in Waitomo, and our time at the lake in Taupo. We have stories to share. Stay tuned.). We hadn’t yet eaten nor did we have food from the grocery store yet so we went out for some pizza at Capizzi Pizzeria. Which was great and all but right outside was a sort of outdoor market and was named the Rotorua Night Market. I know. Such a surprising name for a market that was going on at night. Anyway, moving on…

This was a pretty much standard outdoor market with little stalls selling their goods and some people playing live music. But the best part was the food. It had stalls of food for Korean cuisine to Japanese to Mexican. And though we didn’t try those foods they smelled amazing and lots of other people really seemed to enjoy it. And even better than that were the desserts. They had a whole section of stalls that only sold sweets. And, oh my god, were they good. 

Yummy Treats
Coffee Cake / Brownie / Ginger Somethin' / Lemon Curd Coconut Bar


The one bad part about all of this is that this market shows up every Thursday and we’ll only be here for six days which means we only get one Thursday night market.

All in all, they've got some really great food here.