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Xero XPAC Member - Scott Scharf and Catching Clouds

Scott is proud and honored to be a Xero XPAC member.

Read the announcement in Yahoo Finance.

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disaster recovery In The News Security

This World's on Fire

A couple of weeks ago, Scott and I were attending the AICPA Tech+ conference in Vegas when wildfires started ravaging Colorado.

On our drive back to Colorado from Vegas, we stopped off at Bryce...

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trends accounting today employees Future of Accounting In The News

Firm of the Future Adapts to New Ideas and Technology

A recent story in Accounting Today looked at the changing face of the accounting industry, noting that fewer people are choosing to account as a profession, which means it is becoming harder to...

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Momentum Building for the Cloud

PWC recently looked at chief financial officers and the opportunities and roles for their profession in the cloud.

And, although the company did mention the risks associated with cloud technology,...

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aicpa In The News

What Would You Give Up?

What would you give up if you found yourself in a financial bind? In a recent survey, conducted by the American Institute of CPAs, 41 percent of respondents said they would rather stop eating out...

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thriveal accountingweb In The News

AccountingWeb.com: THRIVEal+CPA Network

Article from AccountingWEB.com staff: THRIVEal+CPA Network – Like-Minded Professionals Looking for a New Way To Do Business

It didn’t take long for Patti Scharf, CPA, to see a trend developing...

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