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Know Your Numbers, Know Your Business

Little is more important in business than knowing your numbers. Business numbers give you clear insight into where you are and where you’ve been so you are able to make educated decisions about...

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Who Needs More than a Bookkeeper?

I spend a fair amount of time reading blog posts and community forums about accounting.  (Yes, exciting, I know, but I fully embrace my nerdiness.) One topic that I've seen come up a few times...

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Xero Unplugged | Beyond the CPA (and I Don't Do Taxes)

A TED-esque talk by Patti Scharf was one of three talks given at Xerocon in Denver in May 2015 discussing the emerging role of the non-CPA (and just released on Xero's website as a Xero Unplugged...

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Benefits of Daily Bookkeeping

Whether you are a small business owner doing your own books, have outsourced your bookkeeping to a bookkeeper, or outsourced to an accounting or CPA firm, there are benefits to updating your books...

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Those Poor Tax CPAs

I feel badly for tax CPAs.

You probably know that I used to work as a tax accountant and no longer do; that’s probably why. But really… I do feel badly for them.

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Happy New Year

The 2012 year is now behind us, and 2013 is ahead.

CPAs are busy loading updated tax software onto their systems (except this year since it hasn’t been released yet due to the delays in tax law),...

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From Chinese to Accounting

I distinctly remember the sixth grade when my teacher told my parents I would make a great engineer someday. I envisioned trains. Umm… thanks, but no thanks.

If you had asked me, on the other...

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