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There is so much to know to successfully run an online retail business, so we try to share our knowledge as much as possible. Our blog is for those of you who are wearing (or managing) all hats: shopping carts, marketplaces, purchasing, taxes, business ownership, and lots more. Basically, if it touches ecommerce, accounting, and/or business, we're writing about it. 

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Who Needs More than a Bookkeeper?

I spend a fair amount of time reading blog posts and community forums about accounting.  (Yes, exciting, I know, but I fully embrace my nerdiness.) One topic that I've seen come up a few times...

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Sleeter.com | Are Bookkeepers Becoming Obsolete?

It’s the argument I’ve been hearing my whole life. Will machines replace people? And now with the proliferation of cloud accounting software, our industry is asking, “What is happening to the role...

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Is Do-It-Yourself Accounting Really Do-It-Yourself?

It’s been really interesting seeing how Intuit has marketed its software over the years. I would argue that Quicken is solidly a personal product that’s perfect for Do-It-Yourself’ers (DIY’ers)… I...

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Benefits of Daily Bookkeeping

Whether you are a small business owner doing your own books, have outsourced your bookkeeping to a bookkeeper, or outsourced to an accounting or CPA firm, there are benefits to updating your books...

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What is an Ecommerce Accountant?

You have a growing ecommerce business and have hit the point where you are scaling your business, hiring additional staff or researching distribution centers, hiring virtual assistants or an off...

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Bill.com and Tallie

Scott Scharf discussing how Catching Clouds uses Tallie and Bill.com to improve the process for our customers.

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