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There is so much to know to successfully run an online retail business, so we try to share our knowledge as much as possible. Our blog is for those of you who are wearing (or managing) all hats: shopping carts, marketplaces, purchasing, taxes, business ownership, and lots more. Basically, if it touches ecommerce, accounting, and/or business, we're writing about it. 

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Sleeter.com | Building Your Cloud Toolbox

My latest blog post on the Sleeter Report is live, this time talking about how accountants should go about selecting the cloud tools to use with their clients. Check it out!

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Sleeter.com | The Great Paperwork Shuffle

It's not enough to keep track of the accounting, you also need to retain a ton of documentation to be able to support your recorded transactions in case of an audit. No receipts means no allowable...

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Adapting to the World of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is responding to the massive changes in technology. Business owners require more from their accountants, and our industry needs to respond. Here are some tips to help accountants...

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Sleeter.com | How Do I Build a Cloud Accounting Firm?

I'm proud to have been invited to begin blogging for The Sleeter Group, and you'll start seeing some regular posts from me that are for the benefit of other accountants looking to navigate the...

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Check Out Our Case Study on Bill.com

Check out our case study on how we've used Bill.com to offer modern cloud accounting services and grow our firm.

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No Longer Tech Agnostic

For a long time, for social media purposes I labeled myself as a “Tech agnostic CPA constantly seeking awesome cloud accounting solutions to help my customers revel in their passions and stop...

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Bill.com and Tallie

Scott Scharf discussing how Catching Clouds uses Tallie and Bill.com to improve the process for our customers.

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Business Advisor vs. Tech Advisor

This blog post was inspired by a blog posted a few days ago from QuickBooks and Beyond called “The TRUE Trusted Business Advisor.

In her article, Julie Carman talked about how 70% of businesses...

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A/P Ain't What It Used to Be

Several weeks ago, I processed about 100 bills for one of my customers in a matter of about two hours. It would’ve taken a lot less time, but I wanted to make sure everything was accurate and had...

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