Self-Limiting Beliefs

I had a dream the other night about desperately wanting to get to my daughter, and obstacles kept getting in my way.

I couldn’t find my car, and then when I did, it broke down anyway. I started walking and realized that I had a 15-mile hike ahead of me. It seemed like no matter which way I turned, I was somehow thwarted.

I was so annoyed.

When I woke up and was discussing the dream with Scott, he pointed out that because I was dreaming, I could’ve just conjured up a new car. And then I realized I also could’ve invented the phone to call for help, or better yet, I could’ve just teleported my daughter to my side. Duh.

I found it interesting that I had somehow placed all these limitations on myself that do not naturally exist in the dream world. Nothing is off limits when you’re asleep, and yet, I was unable to accomplish my goals.

I also find it interesting how people do this to themselves in real life too. Most people grow up with a list of parameters within which they need to operate. For some people, it never occurs to them to start their own business because they’ve only been taught to follow rules and be a good employee. So when they are in a job they hate, they feel trapped, as if there are no options. And yet, options do exist. You just need to take a step back and think about all of your options, removing all self-limiting beliefs.



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