RSS Feeds - It's Less Complicated than You Think

Most people I know have become pretty adept at web surfing. I don’t know how I ever got my Christmas shopping done before I discovered Amazon more than a decade ago.

I listen to Podcasts, engage in some form of webinars or web conferences more days than not, do desktop sharing, use social media, and engage in a whole other host of tech advances. Most of my life is on the computer.

But for some reason, I never plugged into RSS feeds. Yes, I was aware of them and had some vague notion about what they were, but I never really made the time to learn how to use them to my advantage. It was just one of those things that got put on the back burner in favor of… well, everything else, I guess.

Today was the day that I really found out how to use them (thanks to Barrett Young, CPA), and I’m sad to say it took me a whopping two minutes to “get it.” Sad because this is one of those things I should’ve looked into years ago. It took me another 30 seconds to set this up.

I thought that if a power-user like me wasn’t using RSS feeds yet, maybe there were others who could benefit from this knowledge too.

It’s better than e-mail because it doesn’t clutter up my inbox while I’m trying to work. Now everything that’s on the web that’s important to me (anything from business news to my daughter’s school blog) can find me when the information is updated instead of the other way around. If you aren’t already using this powerful tool, I encourage you to check out this YouTube video for the low-down.



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