Joy of Reconciling

Whenever I meet another CPA or bookkeeper, I find we generally have one thing in common… we love reconciling.

Now, we may not all love the activity of reconciling. I know I’ve had my share of times when something didn’t quite work out, and things that were supposed to “just work” took hours to unravel. Those times had me pulling my hair out, yes. 

But what I’m talking about is the Joy of Reconciling.

It’s that moment when you have accounted for every deposit, every withdrawal, and everything magically comes into balance. You know it’s right because you’re not even one penny off. It’s there in black and white… aha – you did it!

I think the reason why accountants like it so much is because it’s so obvious when the answer is right. In a world where everything is subjective, gray, and fine lines abound, it’s nice to have something that works out perfectly without any question. It creates a sense of accomplishment and a calming sense of order.

Geeky, I know. But I love it anyway.




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