We Don't Want Just Anyone as a Customer

I know lots of companies who consider customers to be anyone who shows up with a checkbook.

We don’t really work that way.

For us, it is incredibly important to have customers who “get” us. We want a collaborative experience with our customers who are plugged into the direction they want to take their business but don’t necessarily want to be the ones turning the crank every day to keep the engines going. Typically, our customers have already embraced the cloud and/or desperately want to embrace the cloud but need a bit of help making that dream a reality.

Our customers are smart and capable people who either know what they don’t know and/or know what they hate doing. They want smart and capable people to help them out.

Ok, so it seems like this should go without saying, but if you flat-out dislike running your business in the cloud, you’ll probably want another firm to help you out. No offense, but you’re probably going to suck all of the fun out of working with you because we are cloud people through and through. I mean, it’s in the name… Catching Clouds. It doesn’t mean we think you’re a bad person or company. I’m sure you’re fine. It’s just that you don’t belong in our company. Sorry.

If you want someone to clean up your books and teach you how to be your own internal accounting department, we’re not the right fit for you. First of all, unless you are in the business of providing accounting services to others, I wouldn’t recommend you do your own accounting. It’s not just because you probably don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s not because you probably hate doing it. The most important reason is that you’re taking time away from actually building your business or spending time with family or on personal goals. It’s simply not the best use of your time. So although we could clean up books and train you how to do it yourself, we don’t. Sorry.

If you don’t want “outside eyes” that are close to your business giving you constructive feedback, we may not be an option for you either. We are looking for businesses who want to grow, and growth usually doesn’t happen without examining different points-of-view. We do our best to give honest feedback at a time that allows you time to take positive action. That doesn’t mean you always need to follow our advice. It is your company, after all. It just means that you need to be the kind of company who is open to new ideas to work with us.

Do you know why we do our best to avoid these people on as customers?

Because they would hate it here, and we probably wouldn’t like it much either.

So we save everyone a lot of time, effort, and banging heads against the wall. There are so many companies out there with so many different specialties and personalities. If we don’t resonate with everyone, that’s perfectly ok.



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