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Shopify or Amazon? Which is Better?

Whether you’re starting to sell online for the first time or you’re already selling on one channel but looking to expand into omnichannel, many ecommerce sellers evaluate whether it’s better to...

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by Apr 27, 2019 4 Comments
inventory amazon amazon fba

How to Minimize Your Amazon Long term Storage Fees

Amazon sellers are used to Amazon nickel and diming them all over the place, but storage fees are different. These are costs that sellers have direct control over, and there are ways to minimize...

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by Apr 20, 2019 No Comments
growth expansion international

Expanding Your Ecommerce Business Internationally (into the US)

As we trekked our way through New Zealand and Australia these past several months, we've realized that the ecommerce boom that has been increasingly hitting our country for nearly a decade is just...

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by Apr 17, 2019 3 Comments
ecommerce growth multiple companies expansion

Should You Open a Second Ecommerce Company?

Every day you have new ideas for products to sell or new brands to promote. So many products, so little time.

But as you're diversifying your offerings, you don't want one bad mistake to...

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by Apr 13, 2019 2 Comments
income tax inventory Inventory and COGS amazon amazon fba

Calculating Amazon FBA Inventory by State

Did you get your business income tax returns filed yesterday? No?!

Chances are, if you didn't get your returns filed by the deadline, one of the hold-ups could have been what is called "state...

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by Mar 16, 2019 2 Comments
income tax inventory Inventory and COGS

Can Inventory Now Really Be Deductible when Bought??

Spoiler Alert: Maybe. But only if you have nerves of steel… which I don’t.

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by Nov 21, 2018 13 Comments
inventory Inventory and COGS cloud inventory catching clouds academy costs

Handling Inventory for Your Ecommerce Business

Inventory. This is one of the two top issues for online retailers (the second being sales tax). 

No doubt that inventory is the lifeblood of your ecommerce business. Without inventory, you've got...

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by Aug 20, 2018 4 Comments
Business Basics profitability success planning

Simple Numbers for an Online Retailer

If you haven’t heard about the book, Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential by Greg Crabtree, you are in the minority.

Very soon after online...

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by Aug 09, 2018 10 Comments
profitability sales pricing costs

5 Ways to Improve the Profit of Your Ecommerce Business Without Getting a Single New Customer

You’ve probably heard that retaining an existing customer is much cheaper than getting a new customer. Look at these two stats:
  • Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more...
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by Aug 02, 2018 No Comments
process productivity tools profitability internal controls people planning product

Starting an Online Retail Business | The Five Pillars of Business

The internet is swimming with people who have made a buck online. It’s super easy to find a product, add it to an online store, and make a few dollars on that product. But chances are, you are...

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by Jul 12, 2018 No Comments


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